1 April 2009

The four twitterers of the apocalypse

A crack squad of spiked writers twittered live from the end-is-nigh protests against the G20 in London on Wednesday.

28 April 2008

Quilliam Foundation: a thoughtful think-tank?

Two writers debate the merits of a new Muslim-and-secular collective that aims to ‘revive Western Islam and unite against extremism’.

11 July 2007

The hidden dangers of the smoking ban

Could the ban on lighting-up in public in England and Wales lead to more dangerously polluted air in the home - and even to more house fires?

29 June 2007

The global crusade against the ‘evil weed’

As a smoking ban comes into force in England, writers in Paris, Rome, Brisbane, New York, Stockholm and Ireland report on the impact of enforced stubbing-out across the globe.

8 September 2006

Life, liberty and politics after 9/11

Updated: Nadine Strossen, Faisal Devji, Jeffrey Rosen, Brendan O'Neill, Michael Baum and others discuss the legacy of the terror attacks.

1 September 2006

Journalism: a new generation

From binge-drinking to ASBOs, the 16- to 18-year-olds who attended spiked's summer school for state-school kids report on the big issues where they live.

8 August 2006

Surveying the next generation

Highlights from the spiked/Orange survey ‘Enlightening the Future 2024: Key Challenges for the Next Generation’.

29 November 2001

Reactions 10

Trivialising liberty, Western values and not-so-smart bombs: more spiked readers give their views.

22 November 2001

Reactions 9

Daisy cutters, carpet bombing and the Western will to fight: more spiked readers give their views.

13 November 2001

Reactions 8

Shades of Vietnam, women and the Taliban, and military strategy: more spiked readers give their views.