24 March 2010

Criticising gays: a secular form of blasphemy?

It’s not enough for libertarians to defend free speech for gay groups and others they agree with. They must defend it for their opponents, too.

8 February 2010

The retarded state of American politics

With Republicans pandering to the hard right and Democrats labelling their liberal critics ‘retards’, the US political scene is in a weird state of stasis.

14 December 2009

America’s screwed-up attitude to expertise

While so-called experts pore over Tiger Woods’ sex life, candidates for high office play up their ordinariness.

12 November 2009

We must stop being tolerant of repression

In a recent speech, the libertarian Wendy Kaminer argued that state intervention into everyday life is giving rise to ‘habits of submission’.

14 October 2009

Why libertarians should support the right to die

In the US, the war on drugs and federal heavy-handedness are limiting a doctor’s ability to help patients in exceptional pain.

18 August 2009

It’s time to teach them Academic Freedom 101

Students should know better than to oppose the appointment of professors they disagree with. Uniformity of opinion only breeds complacency.

30 June 2009

In defence of the right to discriminate

The attempt to force religious groups to embrace gays and non-believers is an intolerable assault on the freedoms of religion, speech and association.

18 May 2009

Resist this assault on freedom of thought

America’s new Matthew Shepard Act will punish criminals for their thoughts as well as their acts. But we should defend the freedom to hate.

22 April 2009

Pass the death sentence on mandatory sentencing

The United States has five per cent of the world’s population yet 25 per cent of the world’s known prison population. What is going on?

25 March 2009

The politics of gay marriage

The referendum in California that banned gay marriage raises tortuous questions about the clash between majority rule and minority rights.