18 October 2016

Trump: a threat to democracy, not women

Trump has empowered a fearful, conspiratorial strain in US culture.

25 July 2016

How campus censorship is conquering the world

‘Progressive censorship’ is spreading from colleges into politics.

2 June 2016

Is the US doomed to be led by The Donald?

Trump's increased support should worry us all.

12 May 2016

Harvard’s war on ‘privilege’

The blacklisting of single-sex social clubs is another blow to student freedom.

22 February 2016

Antonin Scalia’s complicated legacy

He was a man of his principles. But he didn’t always stick to them.

5 February 2016

Fear, loathing and victimhood

People across the political spectrum now embrace the vulnerable self.

8 December 2015

Planned Parenthood shooting: did words incite it?

No, words don't directly cause violence. But they do have great power.

11 November 2015

Missouri: professors against press freedom

How fortysomething academics inflame campus witch-hunts.

29 September 2015

The GOP’s God problem

Don’t believe Republican candidates who say Christianity is under siege.

2 July 2015

I will defend your right to fly the Confederate flag

No form of political expression should be banned, not even hateful ones.