11 November 2015

Missouri: professors against press freedom

How fortysomething academics inflame campus witch-hunts.

29 September 2015

The GOP’s God problem

Don’t believe Republican candidates who say Christianity is under siege.

2 July 2015

I will defend your right to fly the Confederate flag

No form of political expression should be banned, not even hateful ones.

7 April 2015

Civil rights come before religious freedom for secular businesses

If you are open for business, you should be open for business.

16 March 2015

After Oklahoma, who will defend free speech?

Why did so few free-speech advocates stand up for the racist singing frat?

26 January 2015

Pro-choice and pro-free speech: say no to buffer zones

Wendy Kaminer on why she opposes restrictions on anti-abortion protests.

9 October 2014

Affirmative consent: a crime against liberty

Fearmongering about rape on campus has echoes of the red scare.

30 July 2014

Free speech doesn’t end at the doors to an abortion clinic

Anti-protester buffer zones around abortion facilities are illiberal.

Feature 2 April 2014

We must tolerate assaults on the truths we hold dear

True freedom of speech means acknowledging that we ourselves might just be wrong.

28 January 2014

People must be free to protest against abortion

Why I support the right of anti-choice activists to rally outside abortion clinics.