1 August 2018

The ACLU is turning its back on free speech

America’s premier civil-rights group gets cold feet about hate speech.

12 July 2018

Has the Supreme Court become too powerful?

It is supposed to protect minority rights, not impose the will of a minority.

14 May 2018

Sex, lies and Stormy Daniels

Could Trump’s tawdriness prove to be his undoing?

2 April 2018

The problem with this children’s crusade

The Parkland activists are impressive, yes, but let’s not lionise them.

9 March 2018

Monica Lewinsky and the lure of victimhood

How #MeToo is encouraging women to misremember the past.

29 January 2018

The dangers of vigilante feminism

#MeToo revives the 19th-century view of women as moral guardians.

15 December 2017

Alabama: a blow to Trumpism

Trump is weaker than ever. But Democrats shouldn’t be complacent.

11 October 2017

How to resolve the culture war over ‘gay cakes’

We need a compromise between individual liberty and civil rights.

22 August 2017

The ACLU is retreating from the fight for freedom

Its undermining of free speech for the far right should worry us all.

21 June 2017

The ACLU must fight for liberty, not social justice

The civil-liberties group has become bogged down in ‘progressive’ causes.