Books 30 May 2008

Shooting down the enemies of progress

Environmentalists argue that the debate about global warming is done and dusted, and we now have no choice but to rein in development and shrink the ‘human footprint’. Two powerful new books beg to differ.

7 March 2008

The King of ‘Climate Porn’

A new book by David King, the UK government’s former chief scientific adviser, sheds more heat than light on the global warming debate.

Books 29 February 2008

The King of ‘Climate Porn’

A new book by the UK government’s former chief scientific adviser sheds yet more heat than light on the global warming debate – despite its promises of balance.

11 January 2008

Climate catastrophe? Cool it!

In his new book, Bjørn Lomborg shows how the ‘climate science’ on everything from polar bears to pollution has been politicised.

Books 21 December 2007

Return of the Skeptical Environmentalist

In his new book Cool It, Bjørn Lomborg shows how ‘the science’ on global warming – covering everything from polar bear extinction to the disappearance of Greenland – has been distorted and politicised.

15 October 2007

IPCC: the dangers of enforcing ‘consensus’

While appearing to be the ultimate experts on global warming, the UN's climate panel has actually distorted public discussion of the issue.

28 June 2007

Digging up the roots of the IPCC

The UN's all-powerful climate change panel is no straightforward scientific body. It is a deeply political organisation that was born out of disenchantment with progress.

19 January 2007

Behind the IVF ‘trial by television’

There is more to the HFEA regulators' pursuit of top infertility doctor Mohamed Taranissi than meets the viewer's eye.

27 November 2003

Bird-brained theories

Is modern farming chasing birds from the hedgerows?

17 October 2003

GM crop trials: Why?

The GM issue is not about how many butterflies can fit on a beet leaf.