26 January 2012

The timeless power of the Bard

Coriolanus won’t tell us much about contemporary politics but it does reveal Shakespeare’s take on the human condition.

20 January 2012

What a Shame: taking sex addiction at face value

Steve McQueen’s latest film offers an unconvincing portrayal of a promiscuous yuppie at the mercy of his sexual urges.

13 January 2012

The Artist: giving film fans the silent treatment

Michel Hazanavicius’ black-and-white movie manages to be both a homage to Hollywood’s past and wittily original.

6 January 2012

The girl who was hard to take seriously

David Fincher’s slick adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s bestseller fails to do justice to its central character.

22 December 2011

On the road
movie - again

An Argentinian take on the well-trodden road-movie genre is hugely uneventful - but it is worth staying till the end.

16 December 2011

Another Earth: sci-fi mimics reality

Not only has NASA just found the Earth’s ‘twin’, this indie flick also reflects real-life attitudes to exploration of self and space.

24 November 2011

When reality is horrific enough

A chilling film about the ‘Bodies in the Barrels’ murders in Australia favours realism over sensation.

18 November 2011

There’s nothing Gonzo about this slapstick romcom

Despite the best efforts of both star and director, The Rum Diary does little justice to Hunter S Thompson’s prose.

11 November 2011

The Future: toying with the indie formula

In her latest feature, Miranda July barely strays from the staples of indie flicks: quirky sets, handheld cameras and off-beat music.

4 November 2011

Hollywood and politics don’t mix

With his new thriller, The Ides of March, George Clooney shows Democrats can be personally flawed, too - just like his film.