11 November 2011

The Future: toying with the indie formula

In her latest feature, Miranda July barely strays from the staples of indie flicks: quirky sets, handheld cameras and off-beat music.

4 November 2011

Hollywood and politics don’t mix

With his new thriller, The Ides of March, George Clooney shows Democrats can be personally flawed, too - just like his film.

31 October 2011

We need to talk
about suspense

Lynne Ramsay's film adaptation of We Need to Talk About Kevin manages to make a school shooting look tedious.

21 October 2011

Tyrannosaur: it’s time these class clichés died out

Middle-class charity shop volunteer finds unlikely companion in gruff estate-dweller. How corny can a film get?

14 October 2011

Red State: it’s one sermon versus another

Kevin Smith’s darkly humorous horror film is spoiled by tacking on a hamfisted message about American politics.

10 October 2011

Warrior: a daft movie with a kick in the tale

It may be a hackneyed promo for mixed martial arts, but Gavin O’Connor’s film still moves you in the end.

29 September 2011

A true triumph of style over substance

Combining a cool, kitsch soundtrack, extreme violence and a tooth pick, Drive is a brilliant, profound play upon the action movie.

23 September 2011

Did the world need another Jane Eyre?

Cary Fukunaga’s new adaptation of Charlotte Brontë’s classic is beautifully shot and acted, but a bit pointless.

2 September 2011

A spy thriller, without the self-importance

David Hare’s Page Eight tried to Say Something Important, and it was all the better for having failed to do so.

Books 26 August 2011

A story in which everything has already happened

Julian Barnes’ masterful retelling of a life lived in retrospect is also an exploration of the human desire to give life meaning and order.