14 September 2012

Lawless: lots of gore, nothing more

Filmmaking duo Hillcoat and Cave aim for something profound with their gangster flick, but they end up producing macho escapism.

7 September 2012

The magic of the movie soundtrack

Despite the fanboyishness of Berberian Sound Studio, the way it shows how sound can change our lives is enthralling.

30 August 2012

Where romcom meets reality

In Hollywood, true love conquers all, right? Refreshingly, Take This Waltz recognises real life is more complex.

24 August 2012

The Imposter: just who is fooling who?

Bart Layton’s film about serial liar Frédéric Bourdin thrillingly asks questions about deception and self-deception.

17 August 2012

The Art of Rap: don’t apologise, don’t explain

Ice-T's paean to the hip-hop emcee is a joy for aficionados, but doesn't explain the antipathy towards this hugely popular genre.

10 August 2012

Ted: a tame comedy that’s hard to bear

Seth Macfarlane’s directorial debut is like Family Guy with a pulse - but it isn’t nearly as original or funny as it is cracked up to be.

3 August 2012

The last of the mythical rock stars

Searching for Sugar Man’s tale of a forgotten folk-rock legend harks back to a time when mystery in pop music was still possible.

26 July 2012

A fitting farewell to the Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan is that rarest of things - a blockbuster director who makes movies aimed at adults, not teens.

20 July 2012

The magical transformation of Channing Tatum

Enjoyable summer flick Magic Mike proves the Hollywood hunk is more than a piece of pumped-up eye candy.

13 July 2012

Killer Joe won’t knock you dead

William Friedkin’s latest horror flick isn’t a patch on The Exorcist. But the lead actors are unexpected delights.