16 March 2012

Doing Hardy proud in modern India

Thanks to its Indian twist, Michael Winterbottom’s new take on Tess of the d'Urbervilles is no tired costume drama.

9 March 2012

The best inoffensive film to watch with your parents

Yes, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is unchallenging and cliché-ridden. But this bittersweet retiree romp remains a delight.

2 March 2012

A cult film that won’t be a cult film

Slow thriller Martha Marcy May Marlene – lauded at Sundance, ignored by the Oscars – isn’t challenging, just vague.

23 February 2012

Making a fairytale of the First World War

He may have replaced the gore of war with the goo of War Horse, but somehow Spielberg pulls it off.

20 February 2012

If they gave out Oscars for mediocrity...

Clooney is okay in The Descendants, but the rest of the movie is a shallow and schmaltzy affair.

13 February 2012

There's more to hip-hop
than the n-word

Offence-seeking critics should get over the swearing, and see hip-hop as one of the most vibrant musical genres.

10 February 2012

Cartoonish characters can’t create true carnage

The paper-thin characters in Roman Polanski’s new film means this satire of middle-class mores quickly loses its bite.

3 February 2012

If a film is this pretty, who cares if it’s true?

In Bombay Beach, Alma Har’el uses artistic licence to tell the melancholy tale of an abandoned wannabe boomtown.

26 January 2012

The timeless power of the Bard

Coriolanus won’t tell us much about contemporary politics but it does reveal Shakespeare’s take on the human condition.

20 January 2012

What a Shame: taking sex addiction at face value

Steve McQueen’s latest film offers an unconvincing portrayal of a promiscuous yuppie at the mercy of his sexual urges.