25 August 2011

Taking the talent out of a music show

Sordid backstories, ineffably crap auditions and no Cheryl Cole – The X Factor’s back and it’s better than ever.

17 August 2011

Clichéd encounters of the Spielberg kind

By paying loving homage to the movie-making era of ET, Super 8 only flags up its own lack of magic.

11 February 2011

The roots of a musical movement

BBC4’s Reggae Britannia shows how Jamaican music provided a joyous soundtrack to political rebellion.

8 October 2009

The indie scene is fun, but it isn’t radical

A new documentary about the music festival All Tomorrow’s Parties tries far too hard to stand up to ‘the man’.

26 February 2009

Nowt so queer as folk

Brought up by parents who listened to Fairport Convention, I've always been suspicious of folk - until I heard Ranger3.

23 December 2008

Twelve months of music to the ears

Across musical genres – from hip-hop to nu-folk, from rock to soul – this year was never short of tuneful delights.

5 September 2008

Modern Guilt: Beck to the future

The ‘coolest Scientologist in music’ may be pushing 40, but his new album is an innovative return to form.