4 January 2013

The Hobbit: an unexpected pleasure

For all the fears that Peter Jackson had unduly stretched Tolkien’s slim novel, in fact he’s given us a rollicking watch.

Books 27 December 2012

Ten stories, one promising debut

Sam Thompson’s Communion Town provides a poetic examination, from multiple points of view, of an ever-changing city and its inhabitants.

21 December 2012

From a badass Bond to a tedious Ted

Film purists can snort all they like, but 2012 was a great year for the silver screen (with some turkeys, of course).

14 December 2012

Life of Pi: not enlightening, but compelling

Ang Lee’s film of Yann Martel’s Booker Prize-winning novel does spirituality badly but storytelling brilliantly.

7 December 2012

A damning indictment of the War on Drugs

Eugene Jarecki’s documentary, The House I Live In shows the damage done by prohibition to inner-city communities.

29 November 2012

Making a drama out of a hostage crisis

The weirdest thing about Ben Affleck’s 70s-set thriller about escaping from Iran is that it’s (mostly) true.

23 November 2012

What’s so noble about Anonymous?

In the latest in our series of spiked shorts, our film reviewer Tom Slater takes an axe to 'hacktivism'.

16 November 2012

Paul Thomas Anderson: no longer the Master?

The arthouse director has made a sequence of high-quality films, but his latest - about a religious cult - is a boring mess.

9 November 2012

Heroes and zeroes in the fight for gay rights

Call Me Kuchu captures the bravery of Uganda’s gay-rights campaigners and the cynicism of ‘gay-friendly’ Western politicians.

2 November 2012

Judi Dench: the ultimate Bond girl

Skyfall successfully drags Bond into the twenty-first century by putting a decent female character centre stage.