23 November 2012

What’s so noble about Anonymous?

In the latest in our series of spiked shorts, our film reviewer Tom Slater takes an axe to 'hacktivism'.

16 November 2012

Paul Thomas Anderson: no longer the Master?

The arthouse director has made a sequence of high-quality films, but his latest - about a religious cult - is a boring mess.

9 November 2012

Heroes and zeroes in the fight for gay rights

Call Me Kuchu captures the bravery of Uganda’s gay-rights campaigners and the cynicism of ‘gay-friendly’ Western politicians.

2 November 2012

Judi Dench: the ultimate Bond girl

Skyfall successfully drags Bond into the twenty-first century by putting a decent female character centre stage.

25 October 2012

Not poetic, just patronising

Beasts of the Southern Wild has garnered much praise, but its message seems to be that the poor like being poor.

19 October 2012

On the wrong road

The long-awaited film version of Jack Kerouac’s seminal Beat generation novel does the book’s reputation no favours.

12 October 2012

Holy Motors: who needs films to make sense?

Leos Carax’s movie is visually and emotionally engaging while seemingly devoid of a coherent narrative.

5 October 2012

Time travel
for dummies

If you go to watch Looper expecting a twenty-first century version of The Matrix, you’re going to be disappointed.

27 September 2012

Hollywood: you
can’t touch this

Schmaltzy French-language flick Untouchable beats Hollywood at its own game by injecting soul into proceedings.

21 September 2012

Doing justice to Anna Karenina

Not even Keira Knightley’s trademark gurning can spoil a fine new film version of Tolstoy’s classic novel.