23 December 2016

The return of the people

2016 proved that the fight for democracy is only just beginning.

19 December 2016

I pledge allegiance to… what, exactly?

An oath to ‘British values’ is useless when no one knows what those values are.

16 December 2016

Say NO to the shackling of the press

Tell the UK government to repeal Section 40 and scrap Leveson Part 2.

5 December 2016

The war of attrition on Brexit

The elite is trying to break the public spirit. We must resist.

29 November 2016

The case for democracy

Jason Brennan's miserable tract misunderstands the nature of political freedom.

21 November 2016

No, Stephen Bannon is not a white supremacist

Right now, the fearmongering over Trump is a bigger problem than Trump.

14 November 2016

A smear on Brexit

Farage is propagating the myth that Brexit = Trump.

10 November 2016

Why Clinton’s identity politics backfired

Women and minorities can think for themselves.

8 November 2016

The (new) paranoid style in American politics

Claims that Trump is ‘Putin’s Puppet’ sound like left-wing McCarthyism.

28 October 2016

The fall of men

Gender politics is obscuring rather than illuminating the problems facing young males today.