20 October 2017

Why is Richard Spencer a thing?

The panic over the alt-right has turned a loser into a threat.

17 October 2017

Labour: more white than red

Its anti-Brexit moves confirm Labour is now the party of reaction.

9 October 2017

No one can save the Tories

Young blood isn't enough to revive this zombie party.

26 September 2017

The problem with ‘taking the knee’

Trump vs NFL players sums up the shallowness of 21st-century politics.

18 September 2017

Jemele Hill and the politicisation of everything

US culture is being consumed by a battle of the snowflakes.

14 September 2017

Two cheers for Reed College

The liberal-arts school is standing up to entitled identitarians.

4 September 2017

We need to educate the EU about democracy

Yes, leaving the EU is hard, but it is so worth it.

10 August 2017

No, a second referendum would not be more democratic

We can’t let the enemies of democracy pose as its guardians.

4 August 2017

The rise of the therapeutic royals

Prince Philip’s stepping down marks the end of an era.

26 July 2017

Why Trump staggers on

He's cheered for what he symbolises, not what he does.