16 April 2014

Calvary: the sins of the fathers

A black comedy about a good priest battling cynicism comes to confused and troubling conclusions.

Podcast 8 April 2014

‘We are losing the right to live our lives as we see fit’

Christopher Snowdon says plain packs and bans on e-cigs are another step closer to prohibition of tobacco.

7 April 2014

‘I've been told that I’m not welcome on campus’

A libertarian student slams the groupthink dominating UK student unions.

4 April 2014

Kurt Cobain: fear and loathing of the fans

How Nirvana killed the spirit of youth culture.

Podcast 1 April 2014

‘Student unions have become part of university management’

Dennis Hayes says a therapeutic culture is shutting down debate on campus.

28 March 2014

Gwyneth and Chris: why celeb-lovers just don’t care

The media’s mocking of the power couple’s spiritual separation is hypocritical.

free speech 25 March 2014

How campus censorship neuters student radicalism

By banning things they disagree with, students are sealing themselves off from the world, not changing it.

21 March 2014

Lad culture:
a defence

Student laddishness is a kind of rebellion against the new authoritarianism.

podcast 18 March 2014

‘The very idea of public space has vanished in Britain’

Josie Appleton says that the trend towards policing public spaces is squishing British public life.