7 October 2015

‘There’s nothing wrong with lads being lads’

Dapper Laughs talks free speech, lad culture and the rape joke that wasn’t.

29 September 2015

‘If Islamists can speak on campus, why can’t I?’

Maryam Namazie on how she took on the campus censors and won.

22 September 2015

Lady Gaga jumps on the rape-culture bandwagon

Pop stars should spark moral panics, not promote them.

18 September 2015

Time for a real free-speech fightback

Cameron’s anti-extremism strategy could have been ghostwritten by the NUS.

9 September 2015

Campus rape panic: scaring women away from uni

Why is the government collaborating in this dangerous myth?

4 September 2015

Fuck tha thoughtpolice

More than 25 years after NWA rocked the world, rappers are still being muzzled.

26 August 2015

‘I’d be embarrassed to call myself PC’

Sarah Franken talks ISIS, censorship and the perils of being pigeon-holed.

21 August 2015

The biggest threat to comedy? Self-censorship

Yes, most comedians can say what they want. But they don't.