22 July 2016

Beware the phoney defenders of free speech

The Milo/Leslie Jones spat exposes the awfulness of the alt-right.

18 July 2016

Breaking the spirit of Brexit

The government’s dithering is an attempt to dilute the people’s will.

14 July 2016

Why we protested at Theresa May’s first speech

This is about more than Brexit – it’s about democracy itself.

11 July 2016

Leadsom was never the ‘Brexit candidate’

We can’t rely on the elite to deliver us democracy.

4 July 2016

The march against the masses

London’s pro-EU rally showed how fragile democracy is.

29 June 2016

The 2,000-year, ongoing fight for democracy

From Plato to post-Brexit Britain, democracy has always been in peril.

27 June 2016

The battle for democracy starts here

We must defend democracy against an elite furious with the referendum result.

22 June 2016

Remain: the left has lined up with the establishment

Leftists now put bankers and bureaucrats before the people.

20 June 2016

This isn’t leaving – this is arriving into a whole new era

The humanist, futurist, European case for Brexit.

16 June 2016

‘The EU has done nothing for workers’ rights’

Doug Nicholls, chair of Trade Unionists Against the EU,
on the mythmaking of left-wing Remainers.