25 February 2015

Students, join our fight against campus censorship!

Say no to No Platform and Safe Spaces and yes to some real debate.

20 February 2015

Modafinil: the drug of choice of Generation Worry

The rise of smart drugs on campus shows how boring my generation is.

13 February 2015

The Victorianism of the Fifty Shades boycotters

Those railing against the BDSM romp have a low view of womanhood.

3 February 2015

Exposed: the staggering scale of censorship on campus

spiked launches the first UK-wide analysis of illiberalism in our universities.

19 January 2015

Oscars scandal: stop this racial policing of art

The sniping about a ‘whitewash’ in this year’s nominations is ugly and divisive.

13 January 2015

Sia: pop’s Lolita moment

No, the 'Elastic Heart' video doesn't promote paedophilia.

7 January 2015

The drugs debate needs an injection of principle

Both prohibitionists and legalisers need to grow some moral cojones.

2 January 2015

Iggy Azalea is not the new Al Jolson

Yes, that fake accent is annoying, but cultural appropriation is what pop is all about.

23 December 2014

The year of the cultural colonialist

In 2014, forcing artists to be politically obedient was all the rage.

18 December 2014

‘We don’t feel welcome in our own universities’

Pro-Israel students on the censorship and intolerance they face.