12 June 2018

Parliament vs the people

MPs don’t need a ‘meaningful vote’ – they had one two years ago.

8 June 2018

The Brexit mess we’re in

Politicians have failed to uphold our will. We need to take back control.

7 June 2018

Niall Ferguson has set back the fight for free speech

Some right-wingers are playing censorious students at their own game.

25 May 2018

‘How could Germaine Greer make anyone feel unsafe?’

Universities minister Sam Gyimah on the march of campus censorship.

18 May 2018

Harry, Meghan and the future of the royals

Monarchism is weaker than it looks. Sadly, so is republicanism.

8 May 2018

Press freedom hangs by a thread

We have 24 hours to halt a historic betrayal of liberty.

30 April 2018

We need to democratise the migration debate

Rudd, May and their critics assume the worst about the British public.

26 April 2018

The Customs Union con

This isn’t about the economy or Northern Ireland – it’s about weakening Brexit.

20 April 2018

The problem with Kendrick Lamar winning the Pulitzer

It isn’t for high-culture awards judges to confer legitimacy on hip-hop.

16 April 2018

Amnesty for the Windrush children

These people are British citizens yet are treated like criminals.