25 May 2016

The progressives terrified of change

The left’s turncoat Remainers have betrayed democracy.

19 May 2016

The SATs bashers are patronising the poor

State-school kids are being denied the knowledge-rich education they deserve.

12 May 2016

Erdogan is not the prince of Europe

Bashing Turkey distracts us from the crisis of European values.

Music 26 April 2016

Prince: everyone’s freak

The Purple One was more than a hero to lonely outsiders.

22 April 2016

The union that students need

It’s time to smash the NUS and start anew.

20 April 2016

The EU’s use and abuse of Syrian migrants

Whether it's welcoming or deporting them, the EU is behaving cynically.

13 April 2016

How to make your university an Unsafe Space

Read Tom Slater’s manifesto for free speech on campus, from his new book.

8 April 2016

‘Trump supporters are uneducated’

Tom Slater finds a fair bit of prejudice among anti-Trump activists in Long Island.

7 April 2016

Now it’s war on the wiggas

Cultural appropriation is re-racialising campus life.