15 February 2018

No, Bari Weiss is not a bigot

Why is a right-of-centre liberal being painted as a hatemonger?

5 February 2018

The new blasphemies on campus

The Free Speech University Rankings 2018 makes for grim reading.

17 January 2018

Yes, Trump is a bigoted clown

...but don’t write off his supporters.

12 January 2018

Fire and Fury: a Trumpist soap opera

Michael Wolff’s book gives us a lot of gossip but little insight.

9 January 2018

You can’t reshuffle a knackered party

May’s ‘night of the plastic knives’ showed how fragile party politics has become.

3 January 2018

No, Brexit was not a cry for help

Now elite Remainers are trying to drown Leavers in crocodile tears.

2017 22 December 2017

2017: in the shadow of the Civil War

This year, parliament pitted itself against the people.

21 December 2017

The two Europes

Beneath the sheen of EU ‘unity’, European peoples are in revolt.

13 December 2017

After Alabama: Democrats still don’t get it

It’s a remarkable result, but it won’t fix the Democrats’ problems.

8 December 2017

Brexit: on the road to betrayal

We need to take back control from Tory Brexiteers.