Books 27 July 2012

Deepak Lal vs
the meddling state

Not everything said by free-market economist Lal in this new collection of essays adds up. But his suspicion of state intervention into our lives is refreshing.

26 July 2012

Reformation: so much more than Henry vs Pope

A BBC documentary illuminates how the Reformation turned the world upside down and ushered in the modern era.

19 July 2012

Drinking alcohol? That’s not normal!

Attempts by anti-drinking killjoys to ‘denormalise’ an everyday activity are getting ever more patronising.

16 July 2012

Don’t buy into this supermarket spying

Lib-Con plans to ‘nudge’ us into making healthier shopping decisions exposes how anti-democratic nudge theory is.

12 July 2012

How neo-Malthusians demonise dissent

In branding those who disagree with them ‘deniers’, the overpopulation lobby reveals its allergy to debate.

2 July 2012

Free speech for dodgy dons, too

Cambridge students calling for a supervisor to resign over his political views need a lecture on academic freedom.

Books 25 November 2011

A tourist’s guide to economic disaster

Michael Lewis brings the economic events of the past three years to life in Boomerang, but his analysis is as superficial as a guidebook.