6 September 2012

Fizzing with authoritarian intent

Having long been battling drugs, it now seems the British state is about to launch the sequel: the War on Dr Pepper.

29 August 2012

What’s so special about Sundays?

We should be free to do what we want on Sundays, not have our options limited to please preachy campaigners.

22 August 2012

An entertaining gallop through horse history

A new exhibition at the British Museum charts how man mastered the horse and transformed society.

16 August 2012

You can't be taught how to ‘have a go’

Yes, we could do with more have-a-go heroes, but we could do without the RSA’s plans for patronising training lessons.

14 August 2012

What happened to the Olympic apocalypse?

The authorities’ excited predictions of terror, disease and riots at London 2012 were informed by angst rather than reality.

7 August 2012

Presumed consent: nationalising our organs

There is a desperate need for organs for transplant, but taking them from the dead without consent is no solution.

2 August 2012

Why plastic bags
should be free

The latest war on these incredibly useful bags is fuelled by greens’ loathing of modern consumption habits.

31 July 2012

Is David Gauke a member of UK Uncut?

So-called radical tax campaigns have legitimised attacks on everyone’s desire to sidestep the taxman.

Books 27 July 2012

Deepak Lal vs
the meddling state

Not everything said by free-market economist Lal in this new collection of essays adds up. But his suspicion of state intervention into our lives is refreshing.

26 July 2012

Reformation: so much more than Henry vs Pope

A BBC documentary illuminates how the Reformation turned the world upside down and ushered in the modern era.