11 October 2012

The banker-bashing battle of Brick Lane

A graffitied mural on a London street certainly looks anti-Semitic, but the calls to ban it are backward too.

1 October 2012

Students can handle Gorgeous George

The ‘no platforming’ of Galloway is just the latest instance of the NUS treating students with contempt.

26 September 2012

What about a decent education, Nick?

The deputy PM should stop blubbing over his tuition-fees U-turn and provide universities that are worth the cash.

21 September 2012

Treating foreign students as second-class people

Instead of fussing over a few thousand non-EU students at a London university, we should open the borders.

10 September 2012

Young people drink
booze – get over it

The idea that sexy adverts for Martini or posh vodka are what encourage teens to drink is completely bonkers.

6 September 2012

Fizzing with authoritarian intent

Having long been battling drugs, it now seems the British state is about to launch the sequel: the War on Dr Pepper.

29 August 2012

What’s so special about Sundays?

We should be free to do what we want on Sundays, not have our options limited to please preachy campaigners.

22 August 2012

An entertaining gallop through horse history

A new exhibition at the British Museum charts how man mastered the horse and transformed society.

16 August 2012

You can't be taught how to ‘have a go’

Yes, we could do with more have-a-go heroes, but we could do without the RSA’s plans for patronising training lessons.

14 August 2012

What happened to the Olympic apocalypse?

The authorities’ excited predictions of terror, disease and riots at London 2012 were informed by angst rather than reality.