20 February 2017

Trump’s critics are falling for conspiracy theories

Bannon is no more a fascist than Obama was a Marxist.

16 January 2017

A pro-EU strike? Good luck with that...

AC Grayling's latest anti-Brexit idea underlines how cynical elite Remainers have become.

12 January 2017

They’re all Hamiltonians now

The liberals bashing the Electoral College are far from democrats.

30 December 2016

The politics of Utopia

A fascinating new study sheds light on Thomas More, the political thinker.

7 November 2016

Oil must find a route through North Dakota

The oil pipeline protests have been hijacked by anti-progress greens.

28 September 2016

Who would want to be a citizen of the EU?

The EU’s citizenship programme is a truly depressing spectacle.