21 February 2018

The myth of the NRA’s dark money

Republicans fear the anger of the public, not the NRA.

18 January 2018

The myth of Trumponomics

The Donald is more Davos than some might think.

8 December 2017

Bitcoin: don’t believe the hype

The cryptocurrency is only good for making an easy buck.

3 November 2017

Why John Kelly is wrong about the Civil War

The war was over freedom, and it was necessary.

24 October 2017

Trumpism: more style than substance

Roy Moore’s win reveals a GOP elite that has no idea what it stands for.

19 September 2017

In praise of Thomas Jefferson

Forget covering up his statues: we should be celebrating his ideals.

12 July 2017

Chicago doesn’t need more gun control

Both sides in the gun-crime debate are missing the point.

6 July 2017

The culture war over the Civil War

What Confederate apologists and antifa activists have in common.

30 June 2017

Janesville: an American elegy

Amy Goldstein’s portrait of one town ravaged by de-industrialisation has universal significance.