7 March 2017

It wasn’t Big Data wot won it

Blaming data companies for Trump and Brexit is a copout.

30 August 2016

Oakland vs Big Data Brother

One American city took on the surveillance society – and won.

29 May 2014

Così fan tutte: a sex comedy of manners

In this new staging, Mozart’s opera is as truthful and laugh-out-loud funny as it ever was.

16 May 2014

Blaspheming against the prophets of scientism

Mary Midgley takes aim at those who view humans as just bundles of molecules.

8 January 2013

Who’s afraid
of being fat?

A new study suggesting that being a bit chubby is harmless has left anti-obesity activists spitting out their salad.

7 August 2012

A bold step towards
putting man on Mars

NASA’s technological triumph of landing the Curiosity rover on the Red Planet is a testament to human ingenuity.

8 February 2012

A sober reflection on ‘dangerous drinking’

You’d have to be completely hammered to take seriously the government’s latest bizarre claims about booze.

6 April 2010

What on Earth is the UK Space Agency for?

Timandra Harkness reports from the anti-climatic UKSA launch, where no one seemed to be reaching for the stars.

30 March 2006

Gone in a puff of smoke

A report from Edinburgh on the last night of legal smoking.