8 January 2008

The dangers of ‘celebrity science’

A new report shows why we should take celebs’ advice on food, chemicals, how to avoid cancer and other scientific matters with an unhealthily large dose of salt.

19 December 2007

'Toys can be fun.
They can also kill'

Fueled by irrational fear and a dash of angst about the 'yellow peril', Channel 4's investigation of dangerous Xmas toys was like an episode of Brass Eye.

29 November 2007

Christine Ohuruogu: sporting hero or villain?

In the Kafkaesque world of athletics drug-testing, admirable world champions like British runner Ohuruogu will always be tainted with suspicion.

23 October 2007

Knocking school sports for six

From football to frisbee, school sport is being stripped of its competitive element and turned into a tool for social engineering.

20 September 2007

The 'Special One' has
finally cracked

After comparing his players to third-rate eggs, José Mourinho has walked away from the Chelsea 'omelette'.

14 September 2007

Not seeing the wood for the family trees

As the BBC’s celebrity-genes show Who Do You Think You Are? returns, why are people so keen to define themselves biologically?

31 August 2007

Keeping it unreal

Sugarhouse, a British gangsta thriller about yoof, drugs and street life, is a cartoon-like portrayal of social inequality.

30 July 2007

An irritating truth

The Simpsons Movie, in ridiculing greens while defending the Everyman who’s under attack everywhere else, is the sharpest satire around.

18 July 2007

‘MY PAIN’, by the Duchess of Pork

Celebrity therapist Pamela Connolly turns psychoanalysis into light entertainment on Channel 4's Shrink Rap. This week: Fergie.

9 July 2007

The atrocity exhibition

Hostel Part II and other ‘torture porn’ flicks are not nearly as scary or nihilistic as the grindhouse movies of old.