27 February 2008

You cannot teach people to be happy

Forget force-feeding kids ‘positive psychology’: teachers have more chance of producing happy pupils if they inspire them with knowledge.

25 February 2008

From sensationalism to sensitivity

Bridgend: The BBC’s decision to pull a drama about the suicide of a teenage girl shows how little faith the authorities have in young people.

22 February 2008

The rise and tragic demise of Gazza

Frontpage splashes about Paul Gascoigne’s sectioning suggest he has completed his journey from professional footballer to professional failure.

21 February 2008

Replacing the Fatropolis with Fit Towns

New ‘healthy towns’ that encourage people to walk more, eat the right kind of food and stay forever fit take repression to a new level.

19 February 2008

The return of the paedophile panic

By granting people access to info about sex offenders, the Home Office is institutionalising fear of adults and paranoia about ‘the mob’.

14 February 2008

Why Dwain Chambers is treated like a leper

Cocky, tattooed and not very apologetic: Chambers' real offence was not to take banned substances, but to refuse to be contrite about it.

12 February 2008

Al-Qaeda: heirs of Mahatma Gandhi?

As six men are charged with murdering 3,000 on 9/11, Faisal Devji tells an audience in London that bin Laden has a lot in common with Gandhi.

11 February 2008

Who’s afraid of the Church of Scientology?

It’s Sunday morning, and 300 young people in Guy Fawkes masks have gathered in central London to protest against a ‘creepy cult’. What’s going on?

7 February 2008

Cloverfield: 9/11 meets Godzilla

With its wobbly camera work and spoilt-twentysomethings storyline, Hollywood’s new monster movie leaves one shaken but not stirred.

4 February 2008

Decimation of the polar bear: bearfaced lies?

A leading expert in forecasting tells spiked that research into the impact of climate change on polar bears has been shockingly shoddy.