18 July 2007

‘MY PAIN’, by the Duchess of Pork

Celebrity therapist Pamela Connolly turns psychoanalysis into light entertainment on Channel 4's Shrink Rap. This week: Fergie.

9 July 2007

The atrocity exhibition

Hostel Part II and other ‘torture porn’ flicks are not nearly as scary or nihilistic as the grindhouse movies of old.

6 July 2007

Wimbledon: sporting methadone

With no football on, footie fans have become the equivalent of tramps looking for discarded cigarette butts. Some are even turning to tennis.

9 May 2007

Skinheads: the forebears of New Britain?

This is England is a humane and hilarious portrait of a lazy Eighties summer, until it tries to turn skins into models of multiculturalism.

13 April 2007

The excruciating comedy of self-censorship

Mitchell and Webb return to mine the gap between inner doubt and public appearance in Peep Show.

23 February 2007

A film about sleep that makes you yawn

In exploring the weird world of the subconcious, Michel Gondry's The Science of Sleep snoozes on plot and character.

15 February 2007

Delivering a guilty verdict against juries

In BBC2’s reality-TV legal trial, The Verdict, it is the celebrity jury that is really on trial, rather than the defendants.

11 January 2007

Apocalypto: Maya culpa

Mel Gibson's action-adventure depicting the fall of Mayan society is an anxious allegory about humanity today.

11 December 2006

A sporting tragedy

In a year of British sporting failure, the main theme of Sports Personality of the Year 2006 was bereavement.