31 July 2008

How The Dark Knight sheds light on the world

Christopher Nolan’s second Batman movie is a brilliant piece of movie myth-making. PLUS: Graham Barnfield on Batman’s ‘kidult’ appeal.

29 July 2008

How to be authentic in three easy steps!

The opening of a Reality TV School that teaches Big Brother wannabes to ‘be themselves’ is deliciously ironic – and telling.

Books 25 July 2008

Does hypocrisy have a place in politics?

David Runciman’s new book is erudite and thought-provoking. But in lambasting the cynics who are obsessed with exposing political hypocrisy it risks defending the democratic façade to state power.

14 July 2008

Dwain Chambers: sport’s last great hope?

Anyone who cares about sport should cheer the British runner’s attempt to beat the moralising bureaucrats and compete at Beijing 2008.

8 July 2008

The BMA: censorious, busybody killjoys

The British Medical Association’s demand for the censorship of ‘smoking imagery’ suggests doctors fancy themselves as the new priests.

30 June 2008

The future of nuclear

Last week’s rowdy spiked/CMP debate pitted die-hard greens against nuclear representatives in a clash of moralities.

25 June 2008

Let’s unmask this travesty of justice

The use of anonymous witnesses in criminal trials is an assault on open justice and the presumption of innocence.

23 June 2008

What’s Happening to our view of humanity?

M Night Shyamalan’s latest blockbuster is an all-too-familiar lecture about the destructiveness of mankind. (Warning: spoilers ahead!)

18 June 2008

One thousand new nuclear stations?

Gordon Brown says we must go nuclear to prevent climate change - what do you say? Get tickets now for the big spiked debate on the future of energy.

12 June 2008

Mancunian motorists, say ‘No’ to this sin tax

The proposal for a road-pricing scheme in Greater Manchester shows what is driving today’s anti-car zealotry: distrust of the people.