15 April 2008

Funny Games and
the end of narrative

Michael Haneke’s blood-spattered parody-of-a-thriller unwittingly captures bourgeois European fears of ‘the American virus’.

3 April 2008

Virtual nightmares about social networking

‘Children at risk online!’ declare two new British reports. Yet they seem to be based more on unfounded fears about web weirdos and ignorant parents than on hard facts.

1 April 2008

Is it time to build on the green belt?

Buy your tickets now for the live spiked debate on whether new homes should be built on the green and pleasant lands that circle towns and cities.

26 March 2008

How the Church exploits secular uncertainty

Catholic opposition to creating hybrid embryos is a pain. But doubt about experimentation and 'playing god' is rife in secular circles, too.

19 March 2008

Beijing 2008: choking on China-bashing

Claims that the great Beijing smog will possibly kill Western athletes are based more on hot air than hard facts.

13 March 2008

Swearing an oath of allegiance to me

The attacks on the proposal that schoolkids should swear an oath to Queen Elizabeth II were driven more by narcissism than republicanism.

11 March 2008

Shannon: overshadowed by Our Maddie

Why hasn’t the missing working-class girl Shannon Matthews received the same attention as Madeleine McCann?

27 February 2008

You cannot teach people to be happy

Forget force-feeding kids ‘positive psychology’: teachers have more chance of producing happy pupils if they inspire them with knowledge.

25 February 2008

From sensationalism to sensitivity

Bridgend: The BBC’s decision to pull a drama about the suicide of a teenage girl shows how little faith the authorities have in young people.

22 February 2008

The rise and tragic demise of Gazza

Frontpage splashes about Paul Gascoigne’s sectioning suggest he has completed his journey from professional footballer to professional failure.