9 June 2008

A little less consultation, a bit more action please

In the run-up to a live spiked debate, Tim Black says Britain has become a world leader in dithering on nuclear power.

6 June 2008

Big Brother: freakshow or social experiment?

Meet the geeks, freaks, orange bodybuilders, cookie monsters and twats who make up this year’s British Big Brother.

28 May 2008

China: ‘so pernicious, so malign, so vile’

Tim Black reports on the outbursts of borderline Sinophobic sentiment at last night’s London debate on boycotting Beijing.

15 May 2008

Mrs Blair’s confessional incontinence

In Downing Street she invoked the ‘right to privacy’ to keep the press at bay. Now she’s vomiting up details about her life as a mum and PM’s wife.

6 May 2008

Guilt-tripping the feckless electorate

London Elects plastered the city with patronising posters imploring people to vote, unwittingly revealing the elite’s hateful view of the public.

1 May 2008

Seeing red over the Green Belt

Green Belt protectors cried ‘not an inch!’, while their opponents insisted that ‘people must come first’. Sparks flew at last night’s spiked debate.

Books 25 April 2008

Modernism and the ‘lure of heresy’

Peter Gay’s authoritative and lively history of the modernists captures their personalities and heretical approach. But it fails to place them in their profound historical context.

23 April 2008

The rights and wrongs of ‘the right to die’

To mark the release of the controversial big-screen comedy Three And Out, spiked is hosting a debate in London on euthanasia.

21 April 2008

Turning China into a whipping boy

A debate about the Olympics sent out a clear message: Britain may no longer be Great, but at least we aren’t China.

15 April 2008

Funny Games and
the end of narrative

Michael Haneke’s blood-spattered parody-of-a-thriller unwittingly captures bourgeois European fears of ‘the American virus’.