29 October 2008

‘Corfu Uncovered’: the fall of the political class

The Osborne/Mandelson scandal suggests the obsession with sleaze, more than sleaziness itself, is killing politics.

Books 24 October 2008

Demeaning Waugh’s hateful, beautiful novel

The new film version of Brideshead Revisited turns Evelyn Waugh’s masterpiece of light satire and heavy sentiment into a hymn to a suffocatingly woolly liberalism.

7 October 2008

Boris: making himself London’s top copper

Boris Johnson’s hounding of Sir Ian Blair reveals the London mayor’s own authoritarian and arbitrary approach to politics.

2 October 2008

Warning: anti-smoking damages public health

The new cigarette-pack photos send a clear message: conform to Healthy Living or face a life of state-sponsored mockery.

30 September 2008

Scapegoating the spivs

The attacks on the greed and thievery of bankers is anti-capitalism at its most shallow.

19 September 2008

The real Kafka, warts, whores and all

A new book smashes the myths shrouding Kafka, and allows us to appreciate his works anew.

15 September 2008

RocknRolla: it’s a self-parody, innit geez?

Critics have watched Guy Ritchie’s latest gangster movie and asked: ‘Is he taking the piss?’ Er, yes, he is.

2 September 2008

After ‘Red Ken’, the blonde scaremonger

Having banned boozing on buses, now Boris is cynically exploiting fear of climate change. He is every bit Ken Livingstone’s heir.

Books 29 August 2008

The real Kafka, warts,
porn, whores and all

Excavating Kafka, a brilliant work of iconoclasm by James Hawes, picks apart the trendy morbid myths surrounding Franz Kafka, and allows us to behold the man – the real man – and appreciate his works anew.

21 August 2008

Outrunning sport’s witch-finder generals

Christine Ohuruogu’s gold medal in the Olympic 400m is a victory over grey-faced, doping-obsessed bureaucrats.