27 March 2018

Trump's cabinet of chaos

The appointment of war-happy John Bolton is yet another foreign-policy U-turn.

20 March 2018

Afrin: the shame of the West

Why Western leaders are silent on the barbarism against the Kurds.

13 March 2018

Trump’s new world dis-order

US foreign policy is now conducted on the president’s whim.

6 March 2018

No, Bradley Wiggins is not a cheat

Sportspeople always ‘cross the ethical line’ – that’s what sport is about.

6 March 2018

It isn’t only Trump who loves a trade war

The EU is just as protectionist and anti-China.

27 February 2018

In praise of the striking lecturers

Workers have a right to enjoy a good standard of post-employment life.

20 February 2018

America v Russia: blundering into a hot war

The killing of Russian mercenaries in Syria ramps up Cold War tensions.

15 February 2018

It’s Remainers who are the conspiracy theorists

They are obsessed with ‘dark money’ and ‘shady’ people.

12 February 2018

Revolt of the modern-day ‘slaves’

Migrants in Cornwall just dealt a blow to the elite’s ‘slavery’ obsession.

6 February 2018

The EU is the enemy of the working classes

Leftists who support the EU should look at Greece, and be ashamed.