15 February 2018

It’s Remainers who are the conspiracy theorists

They are obsessed with ‘dark money’ and ‘shady’ people.

12 February 2018

Revolt of the modern-day ‘slaves’

Migrants in Cornwall just dealt a blow to the elite’s ‘slavery’ obsession.

6 February 2018

The EU is the enemy of the working classes

Leftists who support the EU should look at Greece, and be ashamed.

30 January 2018

Anti-Trumpism: the ultimate virtue signal

The planned protests against Trump's UK visit are acts of self-promotion.

24 January 2018

The use and abuse of the Kurds

Why we must oppose Turkey’s outrageous assault on Afrin.

16 January 2018

Trump and his haters: battle of the vanities

Both sides in the spat over his UK visit are more into preening than politics.

9 January 2018

What is the point of the NHS?

Yes, there is a crisis in the NHS – a crisis of purpose.

4 January 2018

Trump’s war on terror

The Pakistan tweet shows he is as clueless as his predecessors.

26 December 2017

An empire of barbarism

This year, the West continued to unravel the Middle East.

12 December 2017

Hands off Yemen

External intervention has given rise to barbarism.