19 October 2016

Scottish independence: the cause of anti‑democrats

The SNP's opportunism draws deep on anti-Brexit sentiment.

11 October 2016

Peacekeepers in Syria, warmongers in Yemen

The hypocrisy of Western interventionism is stomach-turning.

4 October 2016

Corbyn’s critics are trivialising anti‑Semitism

Both of Labour's warring sides are using Jews as weapons.

26 September 2016

Why the Tories are tearing themselves apart

It's not just Labour that's backstabbing itself to death.

20 September 2016

Brexit owes little to UKIP

The yearning for democracy goes well beyond Farage and Co.

13 September 2016

Syria: a war for nothing

The Syria Truce is a desperate attempt to restore the pre-2011 set-up.

5 September 2016

Gary Johnson: a pro-freedom president?

Meet the one candidate it might be worth supporting.

30 August 2016

The cultural turn

The politicisation of lifestyle has inflamed public life.

24 August 2016

Defending free speech Down Under

Brendan O’Neill gets vilified for opposing censorship.

22 August 2016

Rio: a Games to savour

Five things that made the Olympics so wonderful.