22 July 2014

Ed Miliband: desperately seeking authority

In Weird Ed, the Labour Party has the leader it deserves.

16 July 2014

The maddest reshuffle in living memory

In Cameron's new Cabinet, biology counts for more than conviction.

The myth of Islamophobia

Nine years on from 7/7, the much-hyped anti-Muslim backlash is yet to appear.

25 June 2014

Now they think there’s a problem in Egypt

Why has the jailing of the Al-Jazeera three prompted more Western outrage than Sisi’s coup?

20 June 2014

In praise of shopping

Harry Wallop talks to spiked about Iceland, olive oil and snobbery.

17 June 2014

Free speech is more than just a value

This lived liberty is no business of UK politicians.

13 June 2014

Exploding seven myths about education

Daisy Christodoulou talks to spiked about taking on the educational establishment.

3 June 2014

We don’t need a judge to tell us Iraq was wrong

It’s moral cowardice to beg Chilcot to condemn Bush and Blair.