17 April 2014

Turkey’s Twitter twitch-hunt

Prime Minister Erdogan’s war on social media is uncannily similar to the war on unacceptable speech in the West.

Heroes 15 April 2014

History makers: Georg Luk√°cs

Here we look back on one of the most compelling intellectual and political journeys of the twentieth century.

Editorial 8 April 2014

Modern slavery: a moral project built on sand

Despite the headline-grabbing figures, the evidence for modern slavery is feeble.

Interview 2 April 2014

‘Everything should be open to question’

Kindly Inquisitors author Jonathan Rauch on the importance of doubt.

Editorial 1 April 2014

There’s something about Nigel

For Britain’s political and media classes, UKIP’s Nigel Farage is beyond the pale.

31 March 2014

IPCC: why the end is always nigh

The fifth assessment report is a product of politics, not science.

27 March 2014

Frack to
the future

Forget ‘security’ and ‘resilience’ - we need a positive case for new energy.

19 March 2014

MH370: conspiracy theorists adore a vacuum

The endless speculation about that Malaysian plane is doing no one any favours.

Heroes 18 March 2014

History makers: Lajos Kossuth

As Hungarians mark Revolution Day, we look back at the man who became one of the most famous 1848ers in Europe.

13 March 2014

UKIP: crackpots riding roughshod over reason?

The political class's pathologisation of UKIP is driven by fear, not facts.