Books 19 December 2014

‘We’re living in a tyranny of like-mindedness’

Howard Jacobson on Jews, comedy, dystopia and why ‘agreement is terrifying’.

12 December 2014

Meet the state‑loving libertarian

Shami Chakrabarti’s On Liberty is a libel on John Stuart Mill.

11 December 2014

Hong Kong: how the Occupy brand is killing politics

The Occupy model has been a complete disaster for repressed peoples.

9 December 2014

Lady Jenkin: the unacceptable face of prole-bashing

It isn’t only Tory peers who sneer at the diets of the poor.

2 December 2014

Andrew Mitchell: the wrong sort of snob

Plebgate revealed the shallowness of anti-Tory posing.

26 November 2014

Oxford, abortion and the closing of the Western mind

What the Oxford debate scandal reveals about modern censorship.

24 November 2014

Why Labour loathes White Van Man

Emily Thornberry’s tweet captured her party’s disdain for its former voters.

20 November 2014

From the London riots to the Islamic State

Jihadi John's alleged involvement in the riots makes perfect sense.

12 November 2014

Ed Miliband: the leader Labour deserves

Dead Ed is no more disconnected or 'odd' than the party he leads.

6 November 2014

Will Cornick: turning a teen into ‘the face of evil’

The naming of Ann Maguire's childish murderer helps no one.