26 May 2015

Labour and the EU: still dodging democracy

There’s something sinister in Labour’s about-face on a referendum.

18 May 2015

Morsi death sentence: a judgement on Western liberals

Too many sacrificed support for democracy at the altar of Sisi’s coup.

11 May 2015

Labour’s loss has been UKIP’s gain

The election confirmed the UK’s purple-tinted political shift.

The Tories: a party purging itself

How the self-styled ‘nasty party’ has destroyed itself.

30 April 2015

Yemen and the unravelling of Western power

The dead hand of intervention is destroying another Middle Eastern state.

27 April 2015

Ben Affleck: a slave to identity politics

From multiculturalists to feminists, too many think that we are defined by our inheritance.

22 April 2015

The truth about the SNP surge

Sturgeon is the beneficiary of the collapse of traditional politics.

18 April 2015

ISIS: the mad residue of the war on terror

Patrick Cockburn’s study of ISIS indicts both Saudi Arabia and the West.

15 April 2015

The Tories’ great third‑sector sell‑off

Selling off housing-association homes further erodes the social spirit.

2 April 2015

Indiana: why we must be free to discriminate

Attacks on religious freedom undermine liberal society.