26 August 2015

The narrowing of debate Down Under

spiked’s editor falls foul of the new elite.

18 August 2015

A culture war on Donald Trump

The GOP presidential candidate is guilty of having the ‘wrong’ attitudes.

11 August 2015

Kids Company: consumed by the child-abuse hysteria

Batmanghelidjh was brought down by a panic she helped propagate.

5 August 2015

The doping hysteria is destroying sport

Calm down – athletics is not in the grip of a moral malaise.

29 July 2015

Once again, the Kurds are betrayed

Western support for Turkey's assault on the Kurds is a familiar treachery.

24 July 2015

Generationally divided we fall

A new book rips apart the Baby Boomer-blaming script.

21 July 2015

Syria: intervention can never be democratic

Getting parliamentary backing for a military campaign doesn’t make it right.

14 July 2015

Plane Stupid: return of the snobs

Air travel always brings out greens' anti-masses prejudices.

8 July 2015

Gentlemen’s clubs: the importance of being men-only

The pressure on the Garrick Club to admit women is a threat to our everyday freedom.

30 June 2015

Why Greeks should embrace a Euro exit

Fear of the future is no reason to stay in the EU.