26 July 2016

The West’s collective punishment of Russian athletes

The Cold War on doping is ruining sport.

19 July 2016

Cameron’s legacy? The reign of soft paternalism

Cameron was Blair with a blue rosette.

12 July 2016

The West’s war games with Russia

EU expansionism is a bigger problem than Putin’s ambitions.

The crucifixion of Tony Blair

Chilcot allows politicians to blame Blair for their own failings.

30 June 2016

How the elite weaponised immigration

Using migrants to push multiculturalism has been a disaster.

27 June 2016

After the vote, the implosion of the political class

The referendum exposed the chasm between politicians and people.

22 June 2016

Why nobody is really pro-EU

It is fear of voters, not love for the EU, that stirs Remainers' hearts.

20 June 2016

We trust the demos more than the experts

You don’t need a PhD to understand the world and want to change it.

15 June 2016

Football fans: still being treated like animals

Euro 2016 shows fans are still viewed as ‘unwashed and backward’.

1 June 2016

Lies, damned lies and migrant stats

What the migrant debate reveals about the crisis of popular sovereignty.