26 April 2016

The tyranny of transparency

In the absence of privacy, conformism flourishes.

21 April 2016

The Muslim versus the Posh Boy

The London election has been reduced to a shallow battle of identities.

11 April 2016

Tax returns and the end of politics

Since when has tax been an index of a politician’s virtue?

6 April 2016

The West’s death sentence on Syria

Assad and Russia are cleaning up a mess made by Western meddlers.

31 March 2016

The Enlightenment according to Grayling

The Age of Genius is overburdened by its animosity towards religion.

30 March 2016

Why both Zac and Sadiq are playing the race card

In the London mayoral contest, it’s time we replaced identity with ideas.

22 March 2016

No end in sight to paedo hysteria

Operation Midland may have closed, but the elite obsession with child abuse continues.

15 March 2016

Zac Goldsmith wouldn’t lead London – he’d stifle it

The Tory candidate wants to rein in this great city’s potential.

9 March 2016

Maria Sharapova took a drug – so what?

It was talent, not drugs, that secured her grand-slam victories.

1 March 2016

London’s mayoral contest: the Great British bland-off

Goldsmith and Khan seem to have nothing to offer but their personalities.