20 November 2014

From the London riots to the Islamic State

Jihadi John's alleged involvement in the riots makes perfect sense.

14 November 2014

Meet the state‑loving libertarian

Shami Chakrabarti’s On Liberty is a libel on John Stuart Mill.

12 November 2014

Ed Miliband: the leader Labour deserves

Dead Ed is no more disconnected or 'odd' than the party he leads.

6 November 2014

Will Cornick: turning a teen into ‘the face of evil’

The naming of Ann Maguire's childish murderer helps no one.

3 November 2014

‘A venal political attack on the press’

The Australian’s Chris Mitchell on the illiberal liberals threatening press freedom.

28 October 2014

Canada’s terror: sad lone wolves, not dogs of war

Canada’s response to last week’s violence was an invitation to terrorists.

21 October 2014

‘The best answer to bad speech? More speech’

Nick Gillespie on Fox News, press freedom, and our new media utopia.

20 October 2014

Ebola: the culture of fear goes viral

The real threat to the West does not come from ebola.

14 October 2014

Is a vote for UKIP really just a screech of rage?

There’s something anthropological in the political class’s view of UKIP voters.

8 October 2014

Intervention is making things worse – again

The airstrikes in Iraq will help nobody – except maybe IS.