24 November 2015

Labour’s men of conscience? Gimme a break

The PLP has turned the Syria vote into another chance to depose Corbyn.

16 November 2015

After Paris:
the myth of Islamophobia

Fear of rampant anti-Muslim sentiment is really a fear of the people.

9 November 2015

Labour: a court of cowardly backstabbers

Andrew Fisher is the latest victim of the anti-Corbyn plotters.

4 November 2015

China’s two-child policy is still an affront to freedom

People should not be slaves to socio-economic needs.

28 October 2015

Using migrants to bash Eastern Europe

Merkel and Co have turned the refugee crisis into a moral conflict.

21 October 2015

This China-bashing exposes Britain’s own insecurities

Why Xi Jinping’s visit has prompted so much handwringing.

14 October 2015

Tom Watson: the unacceptable face of the paedo panic

Watson is being sacrificed to save the child-abuse crusade.

6 October 2015

After Oregon: we need to talk about narcissism

Don’t blame guns for the rise in mass shootings.

2 October 2015

Raymond Tallis and the meaning of life

Britain’s leading polymath on life, death and why he loves James Joyce.

1 October 2015

The degradation of the right to petition

A once noble tradition is now used for illiberal ends.