13 August 2018

The destruction of Yemen

The West is complicit in the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe.

7 August 2018

Zimbabwe: a victory for Mugabeism

Zanu-PF’s election victory shows how little has changed.

16 July 2018

Why Trump doesn’t hate Russia

The president’s refusal to embrace Russophobia is no bad thing.

The problem with always believing accusers

The latest UK paedophile panic has exposed the wilful credulity of our elites.

3 July 2018

NATO is more dangerous than Trump

It is not only obsolete – it is a means for warmongering.

25 June 2018

Capitalists of the world, unite against Brexit!

Remainers urging big business to interfere in democracy – a new low.

21 June 2018

Why the political class hearts the NHS

Labour and the Tories are two blind men fighting over a pair of NHS specs.

13 June 2018

The Trump-Kim summit: kitsch or progress?

There are reasons both to cheer and worry about this strangest of meetings.

12 June 2018

The end of the West?

Trump is exposing the irrelevance of Cold War institutions like the G7.

5 June 2018

No one voted for Spain’s new prime minister

Spain's political class needs to face the electorate, not flee it.