25 September 2014

NZ: the limits of scandal-mongering

New Zealand’s opposition parties need to offer more than Wikileaked conspiracy theories.

1 May 2014

Time to lose the libel laws

Former All Black Joe Karam’s serial suing for defamation is an affront to public debate.

29 July 2013

The man who’s too fat for New Zealand

Theresa Clifford reports from NZ, where a South African chef faces deportation for being overweight.

28 January 2013

The tragedy of the creative commons

Portraying Aaron Swartz as a victim of government bullying will not help the cause of internet freedom.

5 September 2012

In defence of the freedom to troll

Just because an Oz celeb received a few nasty comments on Twitter, that is no reason to regulate free speech online.

11 June 2012

Zuckerberg didn’t
kill privacy

It’s easy to blame Facebook for our reveal-all culture. The harder question is: why do we willingly reveal so much?

24 January 2012

A mega attack on internet freedom

You don’t have to be a fan of the juvenile people behind Megaupload to be worried by the crackdown against it.

9 January 2012

It’s time to mine New Zealand’s potential

Theresa Clifford reports from New Zealand, where environmentalists prefer to save snails than dig for minerals

25 April 2007

A Greek tragedy on the streets of Baltimore

Good cops, bad cops, kingpins and foot soldiers: TV drama series The Wire is an intricate and humane portrait of a crumbling American society.

14 February 2007

Is Wikipedia part of a new ‘global brain’?

Everyone from Time to TV networks is singing the praises of user-generated ‘people’s content’ on the worldwide web. But is it reliable?