23 February 2017

Censorship and art don’t mix

Galleries must be free to exhibit offensive, even bigoted, work.

28 September 2015

No holiday from the Greek crisis

A report from Rhodes on Greeks' response to the crisis.

16 October 2012

The cult of the political celebrity

At the Tory Party conference, Tessa Mayes found herself caught up in the Bozza-focused eye of a celebrity storm.

17 June 2011

This film review is brought to you by POM Wonderful

Morgan Spurlock’s hilarious new documentary about product placement is not the anti-corporate exposé it thinks it is.

11 May 2011

Post-Mosley, free speech is still the loser

Who needs the ECHR to censor what we talk about when we’ve got our own injunction-happy High Court doing it anyway?

10 November 2010

Playing around with documentaries

A new breed of factual games reduces the two great media of documentaries and computer games to crass infotainment.

13 November 2009

Erasing David and the fight for privacy rights

David Bond’s documentary makes a decent case for defending privacy, but it too often fails as investigative journalism.

13 July 2009

Why I broke the law

Investigative journalist Tessa Mayes bought heroin from a drug cartel and faked an ID to get hired in a brothel – because the stories were worth it.

12 May 2009

Swine flu conspiracy theories go viral

Tessa Mayes reports from Mexico on how the government’s reaction to the outbreak is seen as evidence of political intrigue.

5 May 2009

Putting Mexico in an isolation unit

Tessa Mayes reports from Mexico City on the country’s transformation into a diseased, pariah state.