12 March 2015

Years of Western meddling pushed Ukraine over the edge

It is beyond wrong to hold Russia responsible for the Ukrainian instability.

30 October 2014

The EU: an accidental warmonger

European politicians have a lot to answer for in Ukraine.

1 October 2014

Yugoslavia, Scotland and the end of nation

After the Scottish independence referendum, Britain should learn the lessons of Yugoslavia.

4 June 2014

The EU is no friend of Ukraine

The EU poses as saviour of Ukraine, but in reality it never wanted this eastern state as a member.

27 February 2014

Bosnia: the limits to EU rule

Recent protests in Bosnia reveal the problems of the EU’s stage-managed democracy.

27 September 2013

How the West destroyed Iraq

The bloody mess created by the occupation of Iraq was built on the West's own weakness and incoherence.

19 September 2013

R2P: how the West failed to justify intervention

The ‘responsibility to protect’ doctrine is a symbol of the West’s inability to define its post-Cold War role.