29 November 2001

Stop stemming the research

For stem cell research to fulfil its potential, US scientists need to develop more backbone.

2 August 2001

AIDS in Africa: why the West is interested

How the UN donor countries are distorting the extent of AIDS, and using safe sex messages to push African societies around.

27 June 2001

On fish, brains and inflated rectums

A scientist discovers that the pursuit of life and knowledge can sometimes be less than rational.

7 June 2001

spiked-proposals: Animal research

In supporting the development of science and medicine, political leaders should get on a platform and argue the need to put humans first.

29 March 2001

Animal research: a scientist's defence

Medical research is not concerned with the welfare of animals - and nor should it be.

8 March 2001

A timeline of reaction

Opposition to animal research has a long history - and none of it is glorious.