Books 27 November 2009

How to overcome recession: develop some ‘autistic’ skills

Books on behavioural economics are everywhere, but this one brings something particulary bizarre to the debate: the idea that autism shows us a way out of recession.

Books 30 October 2009

Farewell, Norman Levitt

With the passing of Norman Levitt, a rigorous defender of scientific truth against the relativism and cowardice of the ‘academic left’, we have lost a modern Enlightenment hero.

11 September 2009

A downturn in imaginative thinking

A new book’s claim that people’s psychology brings about economic downturns is both economically vulgar and politically unconvincing.

8 September 2009

Why we shouldn’t create pain-free animals

A proposal to genetically modify farm animals so that they don’t feel pain is practically and morally misguided.

Books 31 July 2009

A downturn in imaginative thinking

A new book claims that people’s psychology and ‘animal spirits’ bring about economic downturns. It’s an argument that is both economically vulgar and politically unconvincing.

23 July 2009

Birth pains are nothing to celebrate

It was degenerate feminists, not ignorant men, who first argued that childbirth should be a painful rite of passage.

11 June 2009

Is the digital age
killing compassion?

One has to marvel at the megalomania of scientists who slam all of modern culture on the basis of their tiny studies.

6 May 2009

Brain dysfunction did not cause the recession

Ahead of a major conference, The Battle for the Economy, Stuart Derbyshire declares war on ‘behavioural economics’.

29 April 2009

Give it a rest: fish do not feel pain

Yet another research project claims to show that fish are capable of feeling pain. It’s as wrongheaded as all the rest.

10 March 2009

Still squeamish about stem cells

Obama’s extension of federal funding to stem-cell research is good news. But Bush was not the only barrier to progress.