30 October 2013

The fall and fall of Asian fertility

The unwillingness of young Asians to start families echoes a worldwide rejection of the capacity to live independently.

Latest 5 August 2013

Never mind the neuro-bollocks

Ignore the neuro-determinists: man is more than a machine.

26 July 2013

No, ants are nothing like human beings

EO Wilson says ant colonies use agriculture and air-conditioning. They don’t.

18 July 2013

Dustin Hoffman: enough to make a grown man cry

The Hollywood star admits he was once a shallow person who was obsessed with looks, but he shouldn’t tar all men with that brush.

6 March 2013

The miracle of
the HIV-free baby

The apparent curing of a baby with HIV is a brilliant reminder of man’s capacity to defeat nature’s many menaces.

Books 28 September 2012

Using science to freak out parents

A new book on ‘attachment parenting’ peddles the myth that there’s a right way to raise kids. PLUS: Why parental determinism is little more than neurobollocks.

5 September 2011

The pseudoscience of
the parent-bashers

The increasingly popular idea that a person's fate is decided in the first five years of life is completely baseless.

4 November 2010

It wasn’t God that created the human ‘I’

The gap between neural activity and mental experience – a sense of self – is bridged by years of human interaction.

1 July 2010

Abortion is more than a scientific issue

A contributor to a major report on ‘fetal pain’ says the facts are important, but a woman’s right to choose should be discussed in moral terms.

21 April 2010

It’s time to move beyond Roe vs Wade

US women’s right to choose will remain fragile so long as pro-choice activists rely so heavily on the Supreme Court.