30 June 2017

‘After Grenfell, let’s build’

James Heartfield on why we need action, not a witch-hunt.

23 June 2017

‘There is no epidemic of Islamophobia’

Brendan O’Neill on the exaggeration of hate after the Finsbury attack.

16 June 2017

‘Softening Brexit means betraying Brexit’

Podcast: Tom Slater on the fight ahead for democracy.

9 June 2017

‘The stakes are so high after this election’

Podcast: Brendan O'Neill on May, Corbyn and the future of Brexit.

8 June 2017

‘This is still the Brexit election’

A spiked podcast election special.

2 June 2017

‘All the parties are running scared of Brexit’

Brendan O'Neill on what's really at stake in the General Election.

25 May 2017

‘We have a right to be angry about Manchester’

Why we need to do more than mourn in the wake of terror attacks.

19 May 2017

Scandalmongering won’t topple Trump

Trump is bad, but the campaign against him might be even worse, says Sean Collins.

12 May 2017

‘The left is dancing on its own grave’

Brendan O'Neill on the craziness of the left cheering the French election result.

7 May 2017

The importance of making judgements

Podcast: Tim Black discusses the latest spiked review.