Books 25 January 2008

Is ‘hyperpartisanship’ paralysing American politics?

It is not a clash of ideologies but rather an empty bickering over nothing of much substance that makes the presidential campaign seem so shrill and divided.

8 January 2008

Getting to grips with Obama-mania

He has charisma, a good physique and ‘hip-mod grey suits’, and a policy programme that consists only of ‘hope’. Barack Obama takes the politics of personality to a new low.

Books 30 November 2007

Seeing through the dogma of ‘transparency’

Learning more about what goes on behind closed doors won't solve the social and political problems that face us. In fact, the obsession with disclosure only reinforces distrust in society.

2 November 2007

Duke lacrosse scandal:
the dangers of PC

A disturbing new book reveals how political correctness led to a disastrous rush to judgement in an American university 'rape case'.

Books 26 October 2007

PC in the dock

Why did so many leap to the conclusion that white lacrosse players at Duke University must have been guilty of gang-raping a black woman? This disturbing book reveals how political correctness led to a disastrous rush to judgement.

18 July 2007

Black's fall: 'a morality play for us all'?

Even if you cheered Conrad Black's demise last week, you should be worried by the deeply conservative message about wealth and ambition that was spun from his trial.

25 August 2006

Who’s afraid of Wal-Mart?

Lurking behind the 'populist' campaign against America's biggest retailer is elite disdain for the people who work and shop there.

30 May 2006

Who’s afraid of Enron?

Even if you’re not a fan of big business, you should be worried about some of the prejudices that underpinned the Enron corruption trial.