Books 25 April 2008

Nothing that is human is alien to Price

In Lush Life, Richard Price - one of the co-writers of the brilliant TV series The Wire - has written a truly humanistic novel which captures the essence of life and longing in Lower East Side New York.

24 April 2008

After Pennsylvania: demography is destiny

With neither Clinton nor Obama offering a compelling political vision, the primaries are becoming a deeply entrenched war of identities.

17 April 2008

What ‘Bittergate’ reveals about the 2008 race

Barack Obama’s views about rednecks clinging to guns and God are certainly offensive. But he isn’t the only Democrat who holds them.

9 April 2008

Baseball’s Salem

Witch-hunting steroid-users in baseball will do more to undermine the integrity of America’s national pastime than any amount of drug-taking.

Books 28 March 2008

The hole at the heart
of the Democratic Party

Billionaire funders demanding cabinet jobs, clueless bloggers advising party bigwigs… the hollowed-out, ill-disciplined Democratic Party looks set to be overrun by opportunistic gatecrashers.

17 March 2008

Bear Stearns: politicians bail out

The collapse of another bank shows the credit crunch is spreading from ‘contamination’ to ‘contagion’. Why isn’t the political class paying attention?

12 March 2008

Spitzer is down, but Spitzerism remains

The Governor of New York State has been reduced to ‘Client Number 9’ in a prostitution case, but his cynical approach to politics lives on.

4 March 2008

Clinton v Obama: the identity wars

With Hillary as ‘put-upon woman’ and Obama as ‘race victim’, the Democrat contest is all about Who You Are rather than what you believe.

Books 29 February 2008

Blood is thicker than Oil!

Paul Thomas Anderson’s sweeping, grimy, brutal epic There Will Be Blood was ‘inspired’ by Upton Sinclair’s 1927 novel Oil!. But it strips out and burns off the novel’s humour, humanity and socialist shenanigans.

14 February 2008

Desperately seeking the authentic president

With little meat in the US elections, voters are looking longingly into the eyes of the candidates hoping to glimpse the 'real' person within.