Books 25 July 2008

Ideological inbreeding

A fascinating new book argues that Americans are forming separatist ‘lifestyle tribes’, cut-off pockets of like-mindedness within towns and cities. How did this happen – and how can it be challenged?

22 July 2008

Fannie, Freddie and the ‘economics of fear’

The troubles at America’s big, folksy-named mortgage providers are a symptom of today's wider anxiety about the future of society.

11 July 2008

The truth about our post-American world

Fareed Zakaria’s twists and turns in his hot new political book mirror the deep disarray running through the Washington Beltway.

Books 27 June 2008

The truth about our
post-American world

Fareed Zakaria, author of the hot political book of the moment, is like a weather vane for America’s foreign policy establishment: his own twists and turns expose the deep disarray running through elite circles in the US.

6 June 2008

Who is Barack Obama?

From Harvard to the Washington Beltway: his meteoric rise signals the triumph of shallow personality politics over Politics with a capital P.

Books 30 May 2008

Obama: a man of no substance

He launched his political career in 1995 with a candid memoir, and kickstarted his presidential bid with a ‘political treatise’ stuffed with embarrassing personal anecdotes. Obama takes the politics of personality to a new low.

Books 25 April 2008

Nothing that is human is alien to Price

In Lush Life, Richard Price - one of the co-writers of the brilliant TV series The Wire - has written a truly humanistic novel which captures the essence of life and longing in Lower East Side New York.

24 April 2008

After Pennsylvania: demography is destiny

With neither Clinton nor Obama offering a compelling political vision, the primaries are becoming a deeply entrenched war of identities.

17 April 2008

What ‘Bittergate’ reveals about the 2008 race

Barack Obama’s views about rednecks clinging to guns and God are certainly offensive. But he isn’t the only Democrat who holds them.

9 April 2008

Baseball’s Salem

Witch-hunting steroid-users in baseball will do more to undermine the integrity of America’s national pastime than any amount of drug-taking.