20 December 2013

Questioning psychiatry

Gary Greenberg’s The Book of Woe is an insightful critique of how we understand mental illness.

23 April 2012

Is autism just another identity?

ESSAY: With so many people being added to the ‘autism spectrum’, a disorder is being transformed into a lifestyle.

15 September 2009

Are we all autistic now?

Lumping Mozart and Einstein in with those who have severe socialisation problems is no help to sufferers or science.

Books 29 December 2008

The problem with Pinteresque politics

The same qualities that made Harold Pinter one of the great dramatists – free association, non-sequiturs, jarring juxtapositions, unreliable recollections – also made him a bad political activist.

27 October 2008

‘One at a Time’: an attack on choice

The HFEA’s campaign to reduce multiple births in IVF treatment reveals its elitist disdain for prospective parents.

31 March 2008

Should we stamp out ‘designer deafness’?

Sandy Starr of the Progress Educational Trust asks why the UK government is legislating against something as rare as pro-deaf embryo selection.

26 October 2006

The inspirational debate

Concluding views on 'What inspired you?', the spiked/Pfizer survey of key scientists ranging from 19- to 93-year-olds and from new talents to Nobel laureates.

29 August 2006

What inspired you?

An overview of the new spiked/Pfizer survey of scientists aged 19 to 93, ranging from new talent to Nobel laureates, on what made them take up science.

11 June 2006


In the name of preventing terrorism, public bodies could get new powers to read our emails. But what about privacy?