11 November 2013

Time to end the FGM panic

Claims that female genital mutilation is endemic in the UK rest on dodgy stats and barely concealed racial prejudice.

1 November 2013

The truth about India’s ‘gendercide’

The ‘missing millions’ of Indian women are as much a product of the Western obsession with overpopulation as misogyny.

8 October 2013

Two hours hate for the Daily Mail

An anti-Daily Mail demo that turned out to be more therapy session than political protest.

27 August 2013

Anti-lads’ mags – and anti-people

Saleha Ali finds a Lose the Lads' Mags protest wet, unpopular and very snobby.

5 July 2013

The NSPCC encourages racist curtain-twitching

By launching a new helpline for those worried about FGM victims, the NSPCC is okaying suspicion of dark-skinned families.

17 October 2012

‘Abortion is a
very civilised thing’

In a new WORLDbytes film, Ellie Lee puts the case for making abortion a personal choice, not a legal matter.

21 December 2011

Another Christmas, another ‘ethical gift’

Charities urge us to shop till Third World poverty drops, but ‘ethical consumption’ only makes Westerners feel good.