8 September 2016

The crumbling of the German establishment

Germany's technocratic elite is to blame for the rise of the AfD.

1 August 2016

No, Merkel is not to blame for the ‘week of horror’

But her refusal to have an open debate about immigration is a problem.

23 May 2016

Fear and censorship in Germany

The prosecution of the Pegida leader reflects the elite’s contempt for the people.

12 April 2016

Germany’s unfunny attack on the freedom to mock

Don't blame Turkey for Germany's prosecution of a satirist.

16 March 2016

There’s more to the AfD surge than immigration

German voters are rebelling against the paternalistic 'liberal' elite.

6 January 2016

Germans must be free to read Mein Kampf

The ban on Hitler's tome was dankly elitist

28 September 2015

Using migrants to bash east Germans

The migrant crisis has exposed the deep east-west antagonism in German society.

20 August 2015

Germany’s gender quota: illiberal and divisive

No radical should support special privileges for women.

27 February 2013

The secret of Merkel’s success

The German chancellor owes her ascendancy to the bland, apolitical environment in which her ‘talents’ have flourished.

25 October 2010

The intolerant legacy of multiculturalism

Germany’s angry debate about immigration has its roots in the multiculturalist emphasis on difference.