7 June 2001

No turn-ups on turnout

The attempt to plunder history for pat explanations for low turnout doesn't work. Here's why.

7 June 2001

spiked-proposals: IT

The government should: aid the provision of an infrastructure; resist restrictions on mobile phone masts; stop treating ISPs as publishers; review intellectual property rights; stop eroding our privacy online; and recognise that IT will not solve the problems of education.

25 May 2001

Cleaning up cricket

For cricket to retain credibility, it needs to get its house in order - but teams still play to win.

22 May 2001

Asylum: enforcing discrimination

Are tougher asylum laws just common sense?

18 May 2001

spiked-geist: Day 11

'Your Family' and other stereotypes; The BBC: Licence to patronise; Socialist Alliance: What's left for the Left?

15 May 2001

spiked-geist: Day Eight

Letwin the outlaw; Demon eyes - The Return; Bread-and-butter issues

14 May 2001

spiked-geist: Day Seven

Real Labour; Hard Labour; Never mind the bollards; Sketchy future; Scotland - out of kilter?; Geri for PM; Islington's cash-for-votes policy; Politics Hertz.

10 May 2001

spiked-geist: Day Three

Blair: Famous in Farringdon (not); Government by accountancy; Ghost-voting; The deserted ballot-box; Tony's school pantomime

9 May 2001

spiked-geist: Day Two

Tory Story: the end; New Labour, new hospital food; Real people? Get real; Rock the vote, not the boat; Blair's other babies; R-word bad, A-word good?; Overexcited about apathy; Anti-smoking smokescreen.

24 April 2001

The Zen of ADSL

To give the internet more than virtual possibilities, the UK government and telecoms industry need to get real about the infrastructure.