30 March 2016

Even pro-EU people don’t like the EU

Why vote to stay in something you know is undemocratic?

24 March 2016

Scotland’s smoking ban: mourning personal choice

The ban, introduced 10 years ago, was just the start of an assault on our everyday freedoms.

8 March 2016

London transport: the need for speed

We need faster, more frequent transport.

5 January 2016

Who wants a sugar‑free life?

A government app warning of the dangers of sugar leaves a sour taste.

11 December 2015

After the floods: we need more development

Greens are using Cumbria's troubles to argue for tough climate action. Bad idea.

1 December 2015

We need the right to make the ‘wrong’ choices

The government should not dictate what we – or our children – can eat.