2 August 2016

The truth about the ‘diabetes epidemic’

Ignore the doomsayers. People with diabetes are living longer – and they won't bankrupt the NHS.

9 June 2016

Sarah Wollaston: fuzzy with the facts

She’s often as selective with the evidence as Vote Leave is.

6 June 2016

The Greatest

Muhammad Ali made history. Long may he inspire others to do the same.

25 May 2016

The battle over our bodies

Public-health bores are squabbling over who should tell us how to live.

16 May 2016

Eurovision: Russia wasn’t robbed

Too many are reading too much into Ukraine’s Eurovision victory.

10 May 2016

Brexit is no
‘leap in the dark’

We don’t need to decide on a blueprint for a post-EU Britain – we just need to take back control.

14 April 2016

Fat chance of a debate: meet the foodie censors

Nutrition researchers are undermining science with censorship.