24 June 2014

Banning adverts for ‘junk food’ is censorship

Action on Sugar’s plans are bad for the public sphere’s health.

Bunch of five 17 June 2014

The five worst things about consumerism

Consumer society is being blamed for all sorts of ills. Who knew shopping could be so bad?

16 June 2014

The poverty of the inequality debate

A new report claims the poor pay a higher rate of tax than the rich. It’s not that simple.

13 June 2014

Liverpool FC, 1983-84: fighting their way to glory

Tony Evans provides an invigorating blast from football’s non-PC past.

5 June 2014

Recycling: eco‑penance for wasteful humans

Recycling isn’t about saving the planet - it’s about inducing guilt.

20 May 2014

Using the tobacco fear to police our lives

Sugar, food, sunshine, sitting down – everything fun is now labelled 'the new tobacco'.