27 March 2018

Philip Kerr: seriously entertaining

An heir to Raymond Chandler, Kerr leaves behind a formidable, thrilling legacy.

7 December 2017

Christine Keeler and me

How the Profumo Affair awakened Britain’s sexuality.

15 September 2017

Le Carré comes in from the Cold War

The stunning A Legacy of Spies explores the British elite’s ambiguous relationship with its own past.

18 July 2014

Rod Liddle vs the New Establishment

Selfish Whining Monkeys is a biting critique of the metropolitan elite.

10 June 2010

Why cuts are not the answer to everything

Here’s a quick history lesson about the state and the market for the free-marketeers in the Lib-Con coalition.

10 March 2010

Google: a ‘frenemy’ of the internet generation

In the run-up to next week’s live spiked debate, Rob Killick says Google is neither ‘good’ nor ‘evil’ – it’s just a very big business.

22 February 2010

The spurious ‘battle of the economists’

A verbal war fought out in the letters pages of the British press has revealed the vacuity of economic debate today.

18 January 2010

Earthquakes don’t have to be this devastating

Underdevelopment and lack of economic growth made the Haitian earthquake far worse than it might have been.

4 August 2009

It’s time to get real about the recession

Political and media pundits have been far too calm and cavalier about this serious economic downturn.

14 May 2009

Economic crisis: it's only the end of the beginning

While there has been much speculation about ‘green shoots’ of recovery, it is how we shape the economy after the recession that really matters.