24 March 2009

The legacy of Kosovo? International paternalism

The transformation of Kosovo into a colonial-style protectorate exposes the authoritarianism behind Western governments’ ‘ethical’ foreign policies.

22 January 2009

Israel, Gaza and the politics of victimhood

Are we seeing the rise of ‘humanitarian’ anti-Semitism, with Israelis treated as the new Serbs? One author thinks so.

Books 29 August 2008

Philip Bobbitt: you’re either with him or against him

Terror and Consent has been hailed as a profound treatise on terrorism. In truth, it rehashes the paranoia and authoritarianism of the ‘war on terror’ and writes off anyone who dares to disagree with its thesis.

Books 25 July 2008

Mythologising the past, misunderstanding the future

Robert Kagan’s hotly debated book on the return of realpolitik to international affairs paints a rosy picture of the 1990s and a nightmarish vision of our potentially China-ruled future.

Books 28 March 2008

Hallucinations of Empire

In a penetrating analysis head-and-shoulders above most other books on al-Qaeda, Iraq and Islamism, Olivier Roy shows that the ‘politics of chaos’, not the ‘politics of Empire’, rules the roost in the Middle East.

20 February 2008

Kosovo and the end of national liberation

The doublespeak in Kosovo’s ‘supervised independence’ sets a dangerous precedent, dressing up occupation as ‘freedom’ and interference as ‘democracy’.

18 February 2008

Kosovo: the obedient child of Europe

Kosovo has not ‘declared independence’. It has slavishly submitted to the rule of UN officials, NATO troops and dictatorial modern-day viceroys.

2 August 2007

Darfur: colonised by 'peacekeepers'

The new 26,000-strong UN force being sent to the war-torn western province of Sudan is likely to stir up further tensions rather than deliver peace.

10 May 2007

Intellectual imperialism

A fashion-shoot cum missionary visit: Bernard-Henri Lévy's report from Darfur shows that liberal lust for Western intervention survived Iraq.

1 May 2007

When ‘Third World’ was a byword for revolution

The Darker Nations by Vijay Prashad looks back to a time when people saw more in the South than poverty and corruption.