31 October 2002

Propping up the private

Far from championing the free market, the UK government's Private Finance Initiative highlights the state’s increasing economic intervention.

12 August 2002

A mature response to ageing

It's time to grow up and stop treating pensioners as a problem.

2 July 2002

In the wake of WorldCom

The demands for caution and restraint could damage the economy far more than any accounting scandal.

28 December 2001

Recession: from fantasy to reality

How a nervous business world has talked itself into a recession.

25 October 2001

Beyond the internet bubble

From the keynote address at Don't Blow IT, a one-day conference produced by spiked on Thursday 27 September 2001 at the Bloomberg Auditorium in London.

19 June 2001

A bold critique

Daniel Ben-Ami's 'Cowardly Capitalism': a refreshing and much-needed riposte to the new impulse for economic restraint.

7 June 2001

spiked-proposals: Pensioners

Stop treating over-65's as automatically dependent; scrap the fixed retirement age; and do more for the dependent elderly.

8 March 2001

Demystifying IT

Blinded to both the limitations and the real potential of IT, we risk squandering an opportunity of the century.

8 March 2001

Going for grey

As politicians compete to bribe the grey voting bloc, they reveal the depth of their contempt for the elderly.