9 July 2003

Ageism is not the problem

Britain needs proper employment opportunities for older people, not a government consultation on 'age discrimination'.

3 April 2003

Don’t blame it on the bombs

Why do Western economists keep mentioning the war?

31 October 2002

Propping up the private

Far from championing the free market, the UK government's Private Finance Initiative highlights the state’s increasing economic intervention.

12 August 2002

A mature response to ageing

It's time to grow up and stop treating pensioners as a problem.

2 July 2002

In the wake of WorldCom

The demands for caution and restraint could damage the economy far more than any accounting scandal.

28 December 2001

Recession: from fantasy to reality

How a nervous business world has talked itself into a recession.

25 October 2001

Beyond the internet bubble

From the keynote address at Don't Blow IT, a one-day conference produced by spiked on Thursday 27 September 2001 at the Bloomberg Auditorium in London.

19 June 2001

A bold critique

Daniel Ben-Ami's 'Cowardly Capitalism': a refreshing and much-needed riposte to the new impulse for economic restraint.

7 June 2001

spiked-proposals: Pensioners

Stop treating over-65's as automatically dependent; scrap the fixed retirement age; and do more for the dependent elderly.

8 March 2001

Demystifying IT

Blinded to both the limitations and the real potential of IT, we risk squandering an opportunity of the century.