13 October 2016

Anti-Brexit anxieties have become a self-fulfilling prophecy

What sterling’s ‘flash crash’ tells us about the state of economic life.

28 July 2016

Economic renewal after Brexit

A five-point plan for kick-starting the economy.

30 June 2016

Brexit: from Project Fear to Project Hysteria

The economic doom-mongers really need to calm down.

7 June 2016

No, Remain has not won the economic argument

It’s simply not proven that Brexit would be bad for the economy.

5 April 2016

Steel-industry woes: what Britain must do next

Save Our Steel? We should be creating, not saving, jobs.

26 January 2016

Economic crisis begins at home

Worry less about China and more about Britain's own economic stagnation.

26 October 2015

The real reason we should fight for a Brexit

Being in the EU damages our democratic rights. Let’s leave.

7 September 2015

Forget Corbynomics. We need a new industrial revolution

What a properly progressive economic plan would look like.

6 May 2015

We need to talk about the economy

The state is propping up a zombie economy. Why isn’t this an election issue?

11 June 2014

Easy money is no solution for hard times

ESSAY: Monetary policies do nothing to address the West’s productive stupor.