27 May 2009

Nuns on the rum

The arrest of 17 British men dressed as nuns in Crete should remind us how unmenacing laddish tourists really are.

22 September 2008

A welcome break from
the doom-and-gloom

Despite the demise of holiday firm XL and money troubles at Alitalia, the desire to travel remains as strong as ever.

13 August 2008

Sun, sea, sand and snobbery

Ignore the shrill headlines about badly-behaved British tourists: the overwhelming majority have a great time overseas.

Books 24 August 2007

Ecotourism: holier-than-thou holidays

Ecotourist jaunts might make green-leaning holidaymakers feel warm and moist, but they do little to help Third World communities. In fact, ecotourism is a trap for the world’s poor.

22 March 2007

Air travel: the skies, the limits

If poor people have less opportunity to fly, then surely the answer is to tackle poverty rather than to limit other people's travel.

13 February 2007

Massacring Valentine's Day

Now environmentalists are campaigning against 'flower miles', showing that even gifts between loved ones have been added to their killjoy hitlist.

9 February 2006

Flight pledge: Grounding passengers

Who wants to sign an agreement to limit the number of flights we take a year?

20 October 2005

Aftershock of the beach bombs

Western governments' response to attacks on tourists can make or break places like Bali.

8 January 2004

Flying lows

The airline industry has been forced to the frontline in the 'war on terror'.

28 August 2003

The latest resort

Why did the international media get so hot under the collar about the antics of drunk British teenagers in Faliraki?