10 April 2002

New Labour’s alien extras

On Blair's debt to Star Trek, golf club bores, and Euro-insults.

28 March 2002

And then there was postmodernism...

If creationism is on the rise in the UK, blame the academic left as much as the religious right.

18 October 2001

Warning signs - beware

The proliferation of moron-friendly warning signs mirrors a political climate that talks tough and acts weak.

31 August 2001

Chris Morris - that old fogey

Shouldn't conservatives be Brass Eye's biggest fans? After all, Morris hates the same things they do.

1 June 2001

I was a secret Lib Dem voter...

...but I'm not any more. Here's why.

11 May 2001

Pop goes parody

Pop music has been eating itself for decades. So what's new about today?

13 March 2001

Craic good, cigarettes bad

Ireland's new anti-smoking zealotry: to quote Father Ted's Father Jack - 'Arse!'