28 August 2002

Grief affliction

The more minute's silences we have the less convincing they sound.

22 August 2002

Taking the stand

Confessions of a Brentford fan who sometimes defies the stewards.

14 August 2002

Going batty over Betty

So a crow can bend a wire? Well, clap, clap.

8 August 2002

Ulster says what?

The Antipodean Inflection hits Belfast.

2 August 2002

Home and away

An English-Irishman in Dublin observes the antics of other tourists.

25 July 2002

Bringing back heresy

Why shouldn't vicars and bishops who don't believe in God get chucked out of the Church?

17 July 2002

A question of discrimination

The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers at Muirfield should say that letting women in would be a 'mindbogglingly inappropriate' slur on its ancient traditions.

11 July 2002

Cultural perversity

Northern Ireland: is Orange the new black?

4 July 2002

Attack of the 'Dickheads'

On the lasting appeal of Philip K Dick, godfather of the X-Files generation.

2 July 2002

Singing along

On Classic FM, the Queen v Blair and what flags mean.