11 July 2002

Cultural perversity

Northern Ireland: is Orange the new black?

4 July 2002

Attack of the 'Dickheads'

On the lasting appeal of Philip K Dick, godfather of the X-Files generation.

2 July 2002

Singing along

On Classic FM, the Queen v Blair and what flags mean.

19 June 2002

Fear and loathing in Trafalgar Square

Why Muslims are the new Catholics, why the Orange Order isn't racist, and why moan about the weather?

11 June 2002


Harry Potter and the planespotters.

22 May 2002

Friends and enemies

Why I love Friends Reunited, don’t love Sinn Fein, and hate interfering football stewards.

15 May 2002

Of cyborgs and men

What's the biggest threat: cyborgs, hooligans, or a healthy diet?

8 May 2002

Painting by laws

The only people who will suffer from London’s proposed anti-grafitti legislation are tomorrow's Rolf Harrises.

1 May 2002

Modernity's malcontents

Terrorism goes geeky, the Queen goes hippy, and the far right goes green.

10 April 2002

New Labour’s alien extras

On Blair's debt to Star Trek, golf club bores, and Euro-insults.