3 August 2018

Nietzsche and the struggle against nihilism

Even the most courageous minds sometimes seek solace in fantasy.

20 July 2018

Why liberals bash Trump but ignore dictators

Perhaps protesters expect only white rulers to be civilised.

13 July 2018

We’re all Foucauldian now

How the Frenchman’s power theories gave rise to ‘snowflakes’.

5 July 2018

Russian football fans are human after all

The World Cup has exploded Russophobic prejudices.

8 June 2018

Why Brits are turning against the police

Even respectable society now hates the rozzers.

1 June 2018

Veganism and the politics of purity

The rise of militant veganism reflects our misanthropic age.

Gammon: the left turns on the less well-off

Among middle-class Momentum types, it’s cool to sneer at working people.

11 May 2018

What Marx and Nietzsche had in common

Neither should be held responsible for the excesses of their supporters.

3 May 2018

Yes, there are some nice Tories

The politics of ‘all Tories are evil’ is infantile nonsense.

23 March 2018

Hope Not Hate: anti‑fascist authoritarianism

Well-meaning censors are the most dangerous of all.